Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



I’m in the web of materialistic life
Feeling tough on narrow ways
So selfish people are here !
How to love to you ? You are there

Come and see how people shrewd are !
Not sow what really they are !
Double faces have crocodile tears
Tell behave good ,Do they have ?

Oh ! How deep scars of love
Oh ! Deep in my heart believe in peace
Getting education, Is this education ?
Killed innocent for golden grain

Want to see achievement of integrity
O! God bless all of us real inner beauty
May admire Jewel of the world
Bless all wisdom to sow love seeds

We are pathetic due to our greed
How Fate is so cruel to all !
Wish not to believe in caste and creed
I feel so sorry for all bad deeds

So mysterious behaviour we do
Truly hope for the bright days
On the land of all seasons
Appeal, world to be fearless and rational.



How we deteriorated our green planet
She cried who listen her unbearable pain
The rats running restlessly how want rain
Poorer than insects greedy for golden grain

My heart and soul never stop to cry
How cruel these rats waiting fishes fry
Giving unbearable burden to beautiful
Planet ,becoming drastic dreadful dry

My heart weeps to see rats steel veins
Destroying happiness of next generation
Deteriorated beauty , bounties of every nation ,
snatching beauty of this creation

My tears are dried, my voice is not heard
These deaf ears ,greedy who want to fly
How drinking toxic sweet gases we all !
Listen ! Listen ! O world ! My sweet cry

O ! God give us wisdom , becoming blind
In the restles rat race of modern world.


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