Rose Terranova Cirigliano ( USA)

Rose Terranova Cirigliano
I am a retired teacher; 17 years in the classroom, (Junior High), and then 8 years on TV. I wrote, hosted, and produced educational programs for the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens. On the side I was the director of a parish theater group mounting two productions each year, one a musical play, and the other a Cabaret. I am a classically trained singer, and did recitals from 1983 through 2000. I met Lewis Crystal in 1979 when I worked at HBJ Bookstore with him and Brigitte. I’ve always written poetry, from when I was in my teens. Lewis enabled me to make some of my private writing public. And I have been grateful ever since. I currently edit a seasonal anthology for and online group FM, and other works from an international group of authors through a small publishing company, ROSE BOOKS, an affiliate of AVENUE U PUBLISHERS, [Lewis Crystal (owner)].
Thanksgiving 2017
Two angels appeared at my front door
Bathed in the light of the street lamp
Bearing gifts
The first presented me with a box
Laden with all the makings of a Thanksgiving feast
surrounding a frozen turkey, and crowned with
A homemade apple pie.
The second angel stepped forward her face bathed in radiance;
a halo of shining silver
She giggling, presented me with
A basket
FILLED with everything else for a gathering
All the hostess might need to prepare the meal
Serve the meal
Decorate the table
And fruit and nuts for coffee
Which was also provided
They laughed and their embrace was felt
And they vanished down the road to
Bless another family
As they have blessed mine.
And it comes out here
And the music goes round and round,
oh- oh- oh oh…
and it comes out here!….
What to do what to do what to do…
Oh boo hoo oh boo hoo oh boo hoo…
What can they do to me what can they do to me
Oh, dear, what can the matter be,
Oh, dear. what can the matter be,
Johnny so long at the fair…..
How all events do inform against me
Rage rage against the dying of the light
Do not go gently
Yet, defiantly
The only part of me moving is my brain
All else is dead!

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