Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar



Blossom blooms
to enshrine beauty,
like brightest star to beacon.
light of love allays grief to empower soul.
as warmth to embrace into core of assonance.

milky way in void of cosmos flickers to pave path by precipice of chasm
as kiss of kindness enlightens lips of blue
to levitate into vale of joy.

sparkle glosses to glow
quest engrosses eyes of attraction to behold
as cascade glides to fall into convergence,
compassion solaces to see divinity within by transcendence.
as truth seeks to resolve precision.

vision of clarity entails upon circumspection,
as freedom sprees to roll upon altar of creation to delver perfection.
like gathering of glory to stem up quantum leap.



Night is far from the blossom of enlightened blue
to see bough of sparkling gloss.
into lofty spring of dream,
rhythm percolates
to unleash portrait of rainbow!
yet hours of dreads oscillates
in between crest and trough
by the lurid tidal shore.

by law of uncertainty clarity of vision falters
to uphold truth of tomorrow.
we are just dangling puppets
by the chord reeved up
from whisper of heaven.

beneath green of cosmic tree
yet about to desiccate of no time still unknown
as enigma shrouds like rain clouds to rupture
by lightening of storm raking from

where is the pride to brace up
glory by pride of crown size,
when it succumbs to grasp
like dying breath of desolate old
yet gasping to disown as of illusion.



Bounty of bliss comes to coo the soul
like abundance of earth with its all belongings!
earnest quest awes to avail deeper into source
to resource,
as entrenched power of love sparks to entice ,
crystal sparkles to dazzle in space
like an arc of joy over crown of lily.

true beauty graspes to adore goodness
in abundance guiding to greatness.
in-between years passed bye
we are stark truth by the crown of own kingdom
for tomorrow to sail through dreams
to moon harvest
yet you are not alone by the journey oblong…



Light of love yet sparks to fill of joy
to pique up into wings of dream
for years to treasure in room of memoirs
for journey towalk over starless night
in addherence of quaint blue.

in between here and there distance is nowhere to whisper musky curve of impulsion
crave of blue verges to merge with sky.

streak of joy rises like tide of ocean to adore heap of dune onshore for benevolence
as time turns to triumverate into another world yet untodden.

@dr.subhendu Kar.

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