Poems by Lilian Woo

Poems by Lilian Woo



Tougue is sharp, it could be hurtful
When it pricks, it is painful 
Speak with kindness
Offer smile of friendliness

Words are powerful
Speech of lips must be taskful
Your verses could kill or heal
Choice of words come from you

Care deeply, speak kindly
Present your tone gently
Once words are spoken
It will not be forgotten

Be courteous and respectful
When you interact, be mindful
Learn the art of patience
Embrace humility and compassion.



Sunset with golden rays
Dusk comes to end the day
Brightness has diminished
Silence creeps in
Pursue your dreams
Through the night
In serenity
Vibrate with positivity
When dawn breaks
The sun rises
With a radiant smile
Glow with sunshine
Welcome the new day
A new beginning
Great inspiration
Joy in your action
Bring fresh hope
And new approach
Enrich your life
Dreams materialise.



When you gazed at me, I heard a melody
When you smiled at me, it started a symphony
My heart is in perfect harmony 
To receive your love abundantly.



Tell me why
You didn’t turn up that night 
I had waited till past midnight
Darkness in cold lonely night
All alone gazing at the moonlight

Tell me why
You remain silent completely
And keep away from me
Please tell me the reason
For your abrupt action

Tell me why
Your sudden change in attitude
It breaks my heart deeply in solitude
Your vision keeps haunting me
I’m still in love with you madly

Tell me why
Have you found someone new?
To start everything anew
My heart is longing for you
Do you understand how I feel?

Oh…please tell me why
I couldn’t get you out of my mind
You are the love of my life
Without you there’s no sunshine
How could I survive?

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