Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha 



I wished to manage a dinner party
To celebrate my recent promotion .
Painted house with rainbow of my choice
Replaced my late mom big half -size photo
With my beloved wife’s color portrait of life-size.
To match the color paint of dining hall .
I called my dad to visit town
To participate in joy of mine.
Dad came here so happily one day before,
Programme to be launched
Papa , warmly greeted by his grandsons .
His visit was really enchanting for all of us.
As he entered inside dining hall
He noticed something precious, missing there.
Brightness of his face turned , gloomy so soon.
Two drops of tears rolled down his cheeks
With his remark like this…
” Your mom was only part of my life
But you are integral part of her own flesh
I never expected you will forget her so soon.”
My mind hovered in vacuum so height.
I couldn’t sleep through out whole night .
Echo of reality “part of her own flesh ”
Vibrated in my ears whole night
A surge of pain chilled my spine .
To remind me infinite love of Mom.
I remembered all gold ornaments that she had sold
For my education and future bright .
I decided to replace the photo of mom
Even at the cost of my wife’s wrath .
When I woke up early from my bed .
I witnessed dad waiting for me , addressed me
“I am really sorry my boy, I might have hurt you ”
It is my turn to cry with repentance
I felt dad ‘s love for mom , so eternal and pure.
So eternal and pure. ….



Oh mother nature ! I want to announce you
As benevolent “Creator of my own existence ”
Hence I wish to harmonise my each steps
With melodic flow of your infinite beauty.

I prefer to captivate beams of golden dawn
To ensure a new hope of meaningful life .
Watch how does white cloud greet the Sun
With cold shade of her lovely affection.

Blue sky paints herself with crimson- sight
Rainbow manages garland for his bride .
Butterflies carry the message of love
Humming bees prepare nectar for all of us.

I want to compose music for nightingale’s song
I like to accompany my steps with peacock – dance .
Let feel and touch each parts and contents of nature
Emancipate you from self , to feel free like breeze.

Wandering with beloved, deep inside green woods
Where old oak tree stretches its branches
To welcome us,beneath her cold -shade
Beside weedy lake and charming water -fall.

Listening melodic flow of brooks and rivers
Is enough to refresh stressed mind and soul.
Whisper of breeze with green leaves of trees
Delight you with spirit of passionate love.

Watch clasping of sea wave with its shore
Strip all layers of your illusive masks .
Let us dance with movement of waves
To perceive the naked truth of the world.



I want to evacuate debris inside me
Through sublimation of inner conscience.
I need to ensure a spirit, an essence of life
To replace smoking of black clouds
With inhale of fragrance of nectar.
Watch exhale and inhale of life force
As breath of your inner conscience.
Feel each impulse of your heart beats.
Deprive of yourself from external world.
Evacuate any source of thoughts
Neither joy nor pain as a chain of mind
Just watch events without any response.
With absolute state of emptiness.
Fusion of confronting rival -forces
Unconsciousness and consciousness.
A Spiritual State of Negation
To perceive self victory over own ego
To feed the seed of contentment
As a path of Enlightenment….

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