The Moon / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia


The Moon

I get close to the window
of my lonely room and
with my hand shape a circle
on the fogged glass
to see outside
some lampposts dimly enlighten
the deserted avenue where
a stray cat is in search of a shelter
and the leaves of the alders
seem to tremble
in the wind
faintly come from afar
the noises of the cars
still coming and going

The moon and her flickering maidens
framed in the great canvas
spread their white light
while watching over the men’s dreams
how many the secrets they keep
of us on earth and
our troubled lives
night after night
with synchronous rotation
never tired
never complaining
to follow the celestial order
over and over again

@ Maria Miraglia
Published in LiveRncounterers- Dic 2018

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