Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy


Honour Human Sense Ever!

Human emotion is honoured only in romanticism
Making human life worth enjoyable in the world;
To have such an atmosphere in the world ever,
Government machinery must be good and sincere!

Sans honesty, sincerity and truthfulness in all
Social institutions, welfare measures of people
Cannot see the light of the day on the other
Side of dark tunnel ever anywhere in the world!

Indifference of bureaucracy is the enemy of all
Goodness people cherish most in the world life
Needing to be corrected by satirical expose of
Romantic expressions of intellectuals for humanity!

Unless humans are respected and human sense is
Honoured by humans, how can humankind enjoy life
As to the dreams of romantic expressions of great
Poets and philosophers who did a lot for humanity?


A Wonderful Beauty Up There!

Full Moon slowly rising up in the winter solstice is
A beauty par excellence to welcome for the night now!
Only a queen like thing can do so in a calm and study
Manner all respect with full heart, when night comes!

Rosy cloudy sky adds beauty to the night sky so cool
And wonderful to enjoy seeing from a top place of a
Building in the city full of traffic horn noise ever
Affecting the enjoyment of beauty so rare to see sure!

Beauty and pleasure are the part of a fair sex sure
In humankind like the Moon up there among Stars many
No one can count and say for sure forever and ever and
The time is gong on turning the scene again and again!

Beauty cannot be missed by anyone to have joy special
Nothing can create so lovely and wonderful up there!


A Joyful Style of Living!

Sweet romantic life is formed out of many ups and downs
In the journey of world life that has to be taken to be
An adventure facing joys and sorrows now and then sans
Any losing of heart and hope to achieve the goals sure!

Fixing the goals needs a great skill based on real and
True knowledge of Self, world, Nature and Universe sure
As that only help one have a whole vision of life one has
To live with an ambition of goals to make achievement..!

Based on knowledge, vision and ambition, a romantic one
Goes on the long road of world life exploring on the way
And experiencing new way of life searching for the possible
Opportunities to materialize one’s ambition to achievement!

This is indeed a beautiful way of living for a romantic hero
To achieve what one has dreamed long in a joyful way of life!

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