Poems by Otteri Selvakumar

Poems by Otteri Selvakumar


Dear Beauty

what is beauty?
this is beauty 
no no
this is not for really beauty ?
a flowers with smiles
full moon twinking
stars splash
so much are there
but somewhere
thinking beauty is hanging
on sexy body back and front ?
makeup face lipstick fun’s?
it is beauty ?
if you love with like
all are beauty
without all are ugly
you unlike about this…
yes yes
beauty so cute
in your only lying eye’s?


Life Way

On the way
i’m walk 
you run
i’m did not
run with you…
Same the time
you did not
walk with me.


About ? Freedom 

what is the freedom ?
you enjoy here tell me ?
about you to enjoy
freedom always
without yourself more
than other’s self…
you enjoy the freedom
but your unown selfish
just about your selfish for…
you are smoking ?
are you drinking ?
are you dancing ?
are you loving ?
are you earning?
others then you are fine know…?
about with live…
your’s freedom
yes It is you got it !!!
this is for freedom?
waiting such
a big question
for you and me
life long
not today
for tomorrow


Dear Father

My dear
Father I see
Smiles about
In your face today
What a smiles
I miss each every day
Today I’m don’t miss
About your smile
Just with photo
Again I am remember
Father’s day fun
Again you win
My heart…
I love you
My dear father
Smile me again
Just I want now…
After you death
You are in photo
Very Fine at home
Where you are now
How are you
My dear father?

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