Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Poems by Ngozi Olivia Osuoha



I will build my first skyscraper with morals, the others with money.

Do not be afraid of mistakes, they too help scales fall off our eyes.

We can never deny lapses in the areas we major.

The life we live is a written script, we are actors. However, we can excel or fail in our roles.

Life is all about footprints, footmarks and footsteps, amazingly and unfortunately not about our diamond footwears.

Young parents must learn to discipline their children, as carelessness and over-pampering is a road to heartbreak.

There must be a time in your life when sugar will be bitter, else you are still a baby.

Practice is the best and most effective sermon.

A cursed man may appear comfortable; known or unknown to him and others, he lives inside a cage.

Befriend wiser people; your speed will automatically increase.




God is my original copy. My imperfection makes me His carbon copy.

Worry less, events map out their solutions.

If less is given to you, give much, by such you would be outstandingly irreplaceable.

Before i would be gone, i would have offloaded.

Cut down the weight in your heart, not necessarily the one on your flesh. The former kills, the latter rarely.

I know my worth,
Therefore i go forth.

God fixes it superbly, professionally and perfectly too, allow Him.

Every portfolio equals expectation.

Disrespecting others belittles and degrades you.

What a big loss, if we only ‘eat, drink and die.’




A man who is pulled follows no direction of his own, he remains in the lane of the pull, be it magnetic, kinetic, frictional, gravitational or any other type.

An anxious man can make mistakes, a desperate man can do anything, a frustrated man can commit suicide, a faithless man can throw-in the towel whereas a hopeful man can live again.

Saints don’t fight saints and devils don’t fight devils.

A community of people disappointed is a community of people revolting.

Division is the resultant force of our ego, superiority complex and lordship on others not really the cutting blades and knives.

If you set people up, chances are they would fall. Therefore setting them up may not pass for a fair judgement.

Many a time things hurriedly done and those carefully done land us in trouble.

To wake up early is to win half way and to wake up late is to lose half way.

The society must blame herself for her body odour.

Wisdom is a compass and a distinct wealth whereas knowledge is a helping and guiding map.

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