Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



I am awaken
eyes wander into the blue of the sky,
dressed in white
I see the silhouette in a fiery dance.

Angels descending her through the air stairs
the path, only for the young lady,
named wizard girl
escorted is by the reddish stars.

Light as a butterfly
groans landed on my shoulders,
cover with lust warmth
all the words are melted.

Embraced by unknown feelings
I do breath ecstasy smell ,
says, take me, would like to feel
passion of the Gent.

Both, got poured out
as the turbulent waves of the sea,
at lagoon the shelter of relax
lying, napping conquered our beings.



I was born of a mother
white, asian, african
the world of people I want to be with
no hatred oasis
I am simple, like thou, like you
red blood is flowing in my veins
I do share feelings of love, beauty
like you my world friends …

I would like, to find spiritual satisfaction
seeing you happy
fairy-tale I do hug
when you have bread to eat
water to drink
I am very happy
when my letters throw verses of love …

Feather this, calls to goodness
cries out for peace in the world,
the day when harmony knocks
smile of the child rules,
the war drums getting the end
even if forever I close my eyes,
you see my tears dropping
time that, peace has arrived
in our, The global village world …



… my dream
early spring that awakens me
pleasure of the soul,
at you
I find feeling of happiness
song of life
colorful rainbow,
with you, the tranquility of the soul I do feel
I smile frankly
you, the altar
of goodness
you, gave me the youth building
the co-traveler of life,
enriched my home,
madam of love, hope, inspiration
castle of support, youth, spiritual shelter,
greetings of age
the softener of the cyclone in my being
backer in health and fear,
nearby you are
in the couch of life,
trustful companion
I thank you wholeheartedly,
we too are travelers in this life,
a weak, glassy, simple man
hope being blessed
yesterday, today, tomorrow, we do thank
we are submissive only to the Great Lord.

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