Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


Inside the garden Cinderella

Inside the garden Cinderella
The emotional and physical
Effects, well understood by the rain
Cry not, fear not, in calamitous river
Make it a goal to dance in spring
Fascinating wind will blow
Your heart will sing with glee
Joining the leaves to dance in the rain


In front of sea Cinderella

In front of sea Cinderella,
Breathing, nature’s freshness wind,
A lyrical troubadour, warmhearted,
Charming breeze, shining hearts,
Naked sky kindness, sweet paradise,
Chilly wind speaks, distressing the mind,
Comforting the layers, rejoicing flesh,
Internally, diminishing pain, the sun rises,
Here comes the evening’s rainbow,
Delightful rays illuminating,
Beautifully warmth hearts,
Blowing kisses, precious gift,
Praiseworthiness, blessed sky,


Dove cries, Cinderella

Dove cries, Cinderella
In the city of
Darkness, snowy
Night, sunless sky
The power of the mind
The courage within
Shining faith, engaging
Successfully to grow
Facing the mirror
Searching for wisdom
Gaze at the window
Surrender to the moon
Without fear, dancing
Sweet miracle, under
The magic sky
Love and compassion
Solace has found
Beauteous affection
Cherishing the moon
Dancing with the stars
In the night of mirth

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