Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
in eyes of poetry beauty walks in silence leaving a trail of resonance by cry of joy over the meadow of grass…like mellow white of foot prints to follow no where but along within by vision of another world …
melody renounces calling to recall orb of confluence …. in quantum..
into hush of dream to percolate into bournie of longing…
nothing is anywhere yet within to grasp mystery of universe wrought in void of no words..
nuance of green gravitates into heart of readers
yet no one is less to tide upon swanky carve of crave
very curve of love to write in words of whisper
for soul to sasurrate bliss divine………….
Awaiting unto height of hued mountain
light of love desiccates to see gloss of glory
beaded in crown of highness to dazzle
into shore of silence
for kiss of solace by brims of blue
wrapped in curls of rose
into millions of eyes ramping in void .
grace of love seems to walk
along wide yet thick corridor of forest
into other side across sea of crowd
to reel through mused vale of obscurity,
yet mute voice of silence slowly descends
into rune of rigidity
to muffle into secret room of confluence to sigh.
no one yet knows moments
next to no possibility of meeting
today or tomorrow here or there or somewhere
yet unknown by enigma awaiting to unveil
world of mystery like hidden shadow
of dawn in darkness of night…….

One thought on “Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

  1. Beautiful poems, in which the sensitivity of the poet and of the man is felt. Nostagic go to the ends of time in a vision of space and the current consciousness of a painful humanity.

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