When Paintings Get Life / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty


When Paintings Get Life

Drawn a moon in the dark sky
The moon slipped into my hand passing by
And said, why did you call me I was napping,
A cozy blanket of cloud I was wrapping,

Painted the rain,
On the canvas again and again,
It drenched me completely,
And washed away all my paints deliberately,

Made a cardinal
On the canvas,
When made its beautiful eyes,
Pouring all my heart,
It watched me making its art,
The moment I finished making the wing,
It flew away to get along with the sun shine,
Now my canvas is as before,
The blankness as divine,

Now I’m scaring to draw you,
In case you appear in front, what can I do?
You couldn’t propose before,
And I was glad and assured,
After getting appeared now if you do?
Breaking your heart what can I say to you?
Let me take a step back,
Humm ….let’s not draw you,
something else I would make true

God are you scared?
If I draw you?
What would you do?
Can I be able to see you?
Would you take an incarnation new?
I think I must draw you and only you.

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