Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
Yet how long to lie in hibernation until new moon to flux into blue of somewhere yet lost into no oblivion for another era and eons?
unlike darkness of night awaits to redeem into whitest hue of light by the beginning of dawn to smear radiance of love onto eternity,
for hue of universe to persit as abounding quantum of blue for humanity to sustain eons after eons by alchemy of illusive endearment yet ubiquitous
One may not lose courage to harvest shambling shadow hidden beneath own intrusion rooted from sheath of consciousness traversed through sweatfed moments of silence for heart to inveigle in vale of uncertainty with clarity of vision into silhouette for light of love to grapple into soul of borrowed introspection revered by sanity of love of unobtrusive solitude yet deferred into timeless time.
Let there be light to define arc of glory wrapped beneath veil of shy,
in darkest zone of instinctive universe
as mellowed by distinctive implicit of quantum joy
to treasure into flux of magnet,
for some other century lone longing to belong into realm dream yet unabashed,
lest milky way by night scape triumvirate into blue of cosmos for posterity
to coalesce beauty of green revered by kiss of soul
as unstinting resolution of human sanctity of love governed by the sane and misty askance of look
I into grace bestowed upon gravity to prolong onto lap of faith in endearment yet unobtrusive!
sister and brother measure distance at proximity.
no harm to trigger into void
dawn is almost revered member in sweet home of earth!
yet no solitude to scare of silhouette
on shore of maddened crowd of delusion.
in between time and space we are the same homosapiens
yet from today onto morrow
change is inevitable in quantum,
either centripetal or centrifugal
like wingless bird to fall into abyss of oblivion
when fear lurks to snatch away mortal frame through window sill of silence.
humanity tears out in midst of chaos and insanity
where love and peace lose charity beneath veil of insecurities
terror strikes or corona virus are in envil
man-made or otherwise climate change results into storm or tsunami either somewhere
like frigid moments to transform into fossil.
who knows what knocks the door of uncertainty by labyrinth of buoyant enigma
when torrid darkness tolls bell of apocalypse.
@dr.subhendu Kar.

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