Too tired / Poem by Zana Coven

Poem by Zana Coven


Too tired

Is this end of the world
Or just warning of how small
We are thinking we can all
We believed we where gods
Having under control
What we see and what
We cannot see
Changing the rules of nature
Changing the normal going of things
That not belong to us
We thought we are immortal
By changing our faces
But all we achieve is a new
Fake and artificial life

Is this the punishment
We deserved with our greed
Thinking some are better
Or we wanted to combat somebody
Making weapons that are
Smartercthsn us
And return to us as bumerangs
We pay with the only thing we have
Our lives sacrificed to our nonsense
Empty of goodness
Full of selfishness

Our souls, what is with our souls
I feel as I lived for centuries
Too old , too tited, too sick
Empty soul, broken in sadness
The old soul
That saw the worst, believing in the best
And living like
I am in a waiting room
Waiting for mankind
To change!

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