Quarantine / Poem by Susana Roberts

Poem by Susana Roberts



Today is not a brilliant day,
it’s neither gray nor silver
it’s an unforeseen image
a fatal time
It is the film that we leave for the end
by thoroughly touching the silences
impregnated by the wise source of nature

Today the light goes out a little
in social distance
substantiated by the inaudible complicit voice of the wind
with the rolling of the stones in the storm surge
and the valley canals waiting for autumn,

Who knows what will become of life!
I know that life is the other human being, is my being
on their rompers and medical chinstraps mission
in healing, in perpetual spirit and shelter
we have to wait the time for the truth with hugs and kindness
it will come to swirl our souls
with traces on the nouns
always collective and LOVE as a flag.

Copyright-Susana Roberts. 21/3/2020

2 thoughts on “Quarantine / Poem by Susana Roberts

  1. Yes dear ibonoco, I pray for France, Italy and Spain. Here, the problem right begin…every day worst…Be blessed!

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