THE SPRING / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson



I was awaken by the song of the birds
I felt that spring is on its way
The sun peeped through my window
And showed its happy face

I felt deep inside
I felt the magic splendor of the flowers
I heard deep inside
The nearby tiny brook
Flustering its joyful spring song
I saw deep inside
The lovely Innocent nature
That doesn’t know what is going on

It felt like everything
Was as it should be
Like every spring there was before
In spite of every dreadful thing
That happens all around
I intend to live my life
As usual – at any price

But the world does hold its breath
And scaresly looks over the edge
For what will come
Uncertainty is the worst enemy
The only thing we can do for sure
Is to endure this plague and pray

Media screams with words
And deeply frightens us
And shows the face of death each day
Scared people shop in panic
Everything they see

But I don’t let fear and anxiety
Pull my curtain down
With respect for myself
As a human being
I will fight to live and to survive
As normal as ever I can

I won’t let fear and anxiety
Govern my whole life
I wont lay down and wait
In agony and paralyzis
And wait – for what?

With respect for life itself
I pray for power and strength
To help other people
That really needs my care

‘Cause still it is spring
And we are all aboard
On this journey of life
Either we want it or not

We must gather power and strength
From the paradise of nature
I wont refrain from reality
From the world in any way

No, let us remain calm and peaceful
Let common sense lead us through.
Together we are strong
And united we stand

That way we’ll get through this
These dark and painful times
And return as wiser winners
With more wisdom than ever before

So let us enjoy
This lovely springtime
Be captivated by the song of birds
Gather plants in great big numbers
And pluck arms full of flowers still

Enjoy the sun – rejoice in life
And everything that ripes in spring
Faith and happiness makes us stronger
Faith and hope is what we need

It’s what we need right here and now!

©®Joanna Svensson
©Private picture Joanna Svensson

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