On the day of earth / Poem by Imen Melliti

Poem by Imen Melliti
On the day of earth
On the day of earth
Humanity is mourning its birth
Greif is drowing the shadaw of death
No one Can imepede Corona growth
On the day of earth
WE recognized prayer worth
No matter what we face
Allah will be there for you and for us
Only allah Can turn his worst tragedies
Into fabulous victories
On the day of earth we felt the pain of réfugees
Being jailed in the stolen Homeland
Is bitter than corono quarantaine
Palestine stay strong
Corona made us feel your moaning
Today WE pray for you
And for us
May allah forgive our sins!
To save us from the curse of the virus
We put our trust on you
You are out sufficient and trustee
Behind pain the reason of struggle
IS a reward from the Sky
Salvation is in its way to reach us
Bless will be granted for those who smile in day and cry by night
May allah remove the illness and cure the disease
Our tears will be shed out of joy
In this mess some rays of hope will Rise
To enlight our dark Sky.

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