The story in our heart / Poem by Irina Lucia Mihalca

Poem by Irina Lucia Mihalca


The story in our heart

– When you’re near me, I’m happy,
then I get lost,
I’m looking to feel you,
I’m running after you! – you tell me.
Feel the rain, baby?
Her drops
emitting love signals,
I flow from one ship to another,
from heaven to earth
And from the earth to heaven,
as if we were walking,
holding hands with the Universe.

– The story in you is the one that
brings me to the dawn of your world,
Every moment is a mystery,
A cry calls me, from far away,
like an echo
that I once heard.

– I haven’t been shown the eagle wings,
but with you, almost any disorder
Faking quietly.
Every breath delight me
of the body in your soul,
with fear and shy I keep you in me!
There you brought me through touch,
Clean vessel of healing,
with me walk those deep waters.

– I’m like you, that seeker
Of shadows and mysteries,
where will I go too far from you?
If I climb into the sky
I will see you there,
if I dwell at the edges of the earth,
watching me from there! – you tell me.
On the banks of your waters, my heart
they lean like willows
To which we are heading our story,
there, in secret, we will feel
the wave of our hearts.

– It’s enough that you carry me with you
as much as you want,
we will know freedom.
You walked into me and found a place
which was actually yours,
No matter how much I run away from you, you’ll be there.

Blessed are those who see and believe,
but more blessed
those who do not see and believe!


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