THE SURVIVORS / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Anand

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. Anand



The world is shrunk,
Boundaries have gone,
Look, look, here is an old map
Ohh.. so big was America
And see this Italy.
Place of greatest havoc.

We stand on the debris of
The Mad Valley Civilization.
It was destroyed by
A mean virus,
Which big military powers
Could not contain.

The world had seen two wars
They destroyed people in lakhs,
The world was quick to recover.
But the 3rd world war destroyed all.

Look at these vast mansions,
It was NASA,
Here is the headquarters of UN
Yes, that is White House, Buckingham Palace.
Big Ben.

Norway. The history of the city of Oslo tells us
They believed in Peace.
Yes, there are other continents also.
Here lived Gandhi.
And there, Zen.
What were missiles and nuclear bombs for?

These are ruins now over which
We stand,
A few thousand,
With our cows and ostriches,
Carrying bows and arrows.

We shall teach to our kids
Except history, which tells them
Of great men, and fills them
With mad dreams of power and pelf.

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