CORONAVIRUS (Dedicated to Paola) / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia


Dedicated to Paola

I thought I was
Already giving you
All the love
one heart has to offer
That which fills the universe
And feels tight
Within its borders
If it ever had
But your face
Covered by that mask
Which so much said
Of the time we live
Of our fears
And the enemy so far unknown
Revealed I loved you
A thousand times as much
You looked at me
Talked to me
My heart overflowing
Of old feelings
And new
Like the waters of two rivers
Going to converge
And grew in me
Silent but overbearing
The will to break the rule
Come to you close and
Clasp you tight to my chest
Like so many time
Make you feel love
Sweet and deep
Without cracks
Without danger
Without limits and
I remembered you child
When asking me
How much I loved you
I used to answer… the whole world
And the little stars with it
Today I would tell you
As much as many worlds
And all the galaxies around

@ Maria Miraglia


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