Heartbroken is my balcony…Nostalgia is bleeding – Poem by Dorine Saad / Translated into english by Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

Poem by Dorine Saad
Heartbroken is my balcony…Nostalgia is bleeding
On that balcony, over there,
Very confused I was
watching those days,
as their leaves fell at the poem bank,
and also watching the waning nap of hope,
Counting stars, few in number,
It seemed, they were,
when my eyes, upon them, were fixed,
after the moon had overtaken them to tread those paths,
where mature became the chill in the balconies,
I went on listening to the wet moments hiss..
Overshadowed only by
the tree from his book, the poet did exclude,
from those impossible dreams..
Here I am
So desirous
to return… and escape the meeting,
though broader is the sky, it can’t my smile confine,
and the silence of years is by nostalgia clamored..
o, shadow that far away behind me extends,
and you, light that is lingering on that point of life,
if it happens
by me to pass,
do not wake me up of my white faint,
I must stay for more days on that balcony,
Waiting for who won’t come,
My ease maybe by air moisten,
And I, one day, perceive
That all flowers that had in my garden
In my poems, have sprouted.
Translated into English by Lateef Shareef Dhmayd

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