The Butcher’s Knife / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
The Butcher’s Knife
It worms its savage man eating passage
Into our very breath
Choking the life line in our brave lungs
A rusting brake system manages to collapse the momentum of centuries
A hush falls over the colossal expanse of nations
It cleaves with it’s butcher knife
Through races, colours , religions , beliefs
Is it a remote cousin of Ishq?
Single minded eagerness to attach itself
To the object of desire
Respecting veiled coyness
Keeping away from the shy , home loving types ?
We pause in quivering jelly stances
Treading like bomb and mine hunters
Breathing with asthmatic phobias
Rationing tomatoes and potatoes
Praying that we may live long enough
To embrace our loved ones
The cocky swagger is receding
As the mighty Dhauladhars show their gleaming snow art from afar
We move with the slow preservation
Of people saving their strength
for a harsher time
As the lips go bare and the slinky black lace
Is replaced by floral lounging pyjamas .
Copyright Lily Swarn 6.4.2020

One thought on “The Butcher’s Knife / Poem by Lily Swarn

  1. Feel of the world around woven with humane touch and benevolance for the human expressed through her deeper insight interspersed with her indomitable vocabulary is the Hallmark of Liliy’s Poetry.

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