SCHERERAZADE (SHAHREZAD) – Poem by Valentin IACOB / Translated into BAHASA MELAYU by Siti Ruqaiyah HASHIM

Poem by Valentin IACOB

Born in 1955 in Bucharest, Romania. Valentin Iacob is an author, mathematician and a journalist. He is an editor with the Formula AS magazine since 1992. Wrote some 11 poetry collections and anthologies since 1989 including Cosmic Poker, A Poet In Stalingrad,Life and Death in a Trolley Bus 81, The Jasmine Dome of the World etc. His poems are translated into many languages. Besides poetry, he also writes criticsand dictionaries. Winner of numerous awards from Romania and overseas, including Writers Union of Bucharest Poetry Award 1997, Biblioteca Orasului Bucuresti award in 1998, APLER 2014 Poetry Award etc.



It took the story so many thousand of years to touch me,

that who knows how many chunks might have broken off it

and flowed away, on its way
among the quasars…..

But now , it invaded me every night…..
foraging for my soft-winged Angels
that floated around in my sleep,
on their flying carpets…..

She had been born in a silver-walled citadel –
at least, she claimed so,
misty silver which had imprinted upon her skin and letters

waters and filigrees
of events not yet read;
the whispers of a galactic night,
which is always to come…..



Setelah beribu tahun barulah ceritanya menyentuh ku,
tak siapa tahu entah banyak mana bahagian yang terobek

daripada asalnya
dan hanyut, dalam perjalanan
antara segala quasar……..

Tapi kini, ia menawan ku tiap malam……
meragut Malaikat bersayap lembut ku
yang terapung dalam tidur ku,
atas permaidani terbang mereka……

Dia dilahirkan di kota berdinding perak –
sekurang-kurangnya begitulah katanya,
perak berkabus yang tercap pada kulit dan surat-suratnya
air dan barang perhiasan,
jemputan majlis-majlis yang belum dibaca;
bisikan galaksi malam
yang selalu akan tiba…..


Translated into BAHASA MELAYU by Siti Ruqaiyah HASHIM

copyright reserved.

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