Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young


 Loaded Thoughts 

Got my gun
loaded and ready ,
sweaty hands
a bit unsteady.
Pull the trigger
to end it all ,
who will write
my rise and fall .
The demons hide
inside my head ,
they are the ones
that want me dead .
I drop the gun
to raise my pen ,
taking my life
is a godly sin .
The demons run
as I cry in pain ,
actions speak loud
when it rains .
My heart is a storm
that screams to be told ,
my soul whispers
secrets to unfold .
No one else
except for me ,
can open the door
to set the demons free.
I will write my truth
and not be ashamed ,
of the blood that dripped
and soaked my name .
The gun , it lays
off to the side ,
to kill the demons
one at a time .
I dedicate my life
to spread my words ,
and give my blood
to heal the hurt .
But if I shall die
before I’m done ,
it was by fate
and not by gun .



I’ve cried many tears,
on these pages my blood
is smeared.
Life has taught me and
now I know, that I am
the guardian of my
Sorting my thoughts on
the scattered pages
of my mind, digging
the grave and putting
to rest the demons one
at a time.
No need to feel sorry,
no need to feel pain .
I tell my story with
great pride, with only
one wish to gain.
Overcoming the darkest
of shadows to fulfil my
one desire, as the sun
shines, revealing my
purpose to inspire.



The space between
the sheets, where
heartbreak only sleeps
and honesty comes alive

With eyes wide open
my soul bleeds a tear
evidence that I’m breathing
while the rest of me dies

Once was alive and
playful, this empty
space has become
routine, I don’t resist
I simply comply

The realness of your
absence comes alive
in the space between
the sheets, empty,
now it’s missing me.



Where is the thunder ,
no raindrops, the air is still and dry, my body lies weak.
The lightening has passed, I am no more, for you were that storm inside of me.
Where is that flame
that burned so deep, so intense
illuminating my eyes
Perhaps it’s resting
allowing my soul to heal, gathering it’s courage in a smoldering disguise.


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