SHALL WE TAKE A BREAK? / Poem by Dr. Jernail S. ANAND

Poem by Dr. Jernail S. ANAND



What is darkness?
Is it really dark?
Darkness is when you can’t see the fact.
Lies are often white.
And faces,
Which want to cover their feelings,
Too wear smiles,
Beautiful masks, which cover dark designs,
Are, in essence, darker than darkness itself.

Knowledge has its limits,
As does the day,
Too much of it can break our bones with work,
And too much knowledge,
Too, spread before our eyes,
A sheet of ignorance,
If we go on believing all that we see
Is the only fact, and nothing doth beyond it exist.

Knowledge whether little, or more, or no,
Is in essence dangerous for mankind,
We have been pursuing knowledge
For two thousand years,
Now, our knowledge is pursuing us
Out of everything,
Lockdowns, curfews, hospitals,
Fear stalks the land which till yesterday,
Was a proud land of plenty.

What is liberty?
Let us remember the old saying:
Your liberty ends where my nose begins.
We did not step even when we started hitting
On Nature’s nose, and it started sneezing.
A gentleman is said to hasten slowly.
We dropped off that epithet of being gentlemen
And that decency of working slowly.
In haste, we have laid our great civilization waste.

From apes we developed,
Into decent beautiful human beings,
With wonderful shapes,
But, today, with a mask on your nostrils,
We look no better than apes. Back to the square one.
All our knowledge and our civilization look aghast
At what is happening in hospitals where
Hospitality has taken wing,
And the dead are deserted by their loved ones.
Was this the world we were looking for?
Something has seriously gone wrong with our priorities.
Can we take a break?
Or no, till we break ourselves completely?

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