HOW LONG,…………. / A collaborative poem composedby Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan


HOW LONG,………….

A collaborative poem composedby Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan



How long!
Can we prolong,
Locking ourselves inside
As active life is denied.

Lives or livelihood?
We all think and brood,
What matters the most?
As the world fights corona ghost.

Lockdown to save lives
This way,how long can we thrive?
Lives without worthy life,
Can you earn bread without strife?

To build whatever is lost,
Happy days won’t come so fast,
Work at home with tangled up technology,
Will it bring on foot our paralysed economy.

Once were Super Powers,
Now cower in these dark hours,
More nukes than hospital beds,
Now stare at your whimpering dead.

But corona is a great social leveller,
It neever discriminates rich and poor,
Be him high-born or low- born,
In death, no hate, revile or scorn.



I don’t know if this is life
it’s a life to live
Tired as we are why blame life
we have brought ourselves down to our knees
as we rile away our lives frittered as it cries
don’t give me a dull moment right now
where is the fight
only fright to fight ourselves
in hopes that live to kill
don’t you me fight
in your fight kill off my life
live life !
without a pensive moment
in me live for a while
even if not all right
live turn of your lights or light in another’s life
please don’t fight
in your fright fly me I am your kite
your winsome hope
in me to live your life’s right
to never kill another’s
however high your flight

to bring you down
in fright
god I pray in you
in you my plight
in your love to deride
have mercy rescue me
My Life with me don’t fight
Live me right

Copyright – Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan


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