Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas


My Many Ear-rings

my Lord my King my All
when and if
i get to meet You
would You scold me
for my many ‘ear-rings?
i admit, “i love me”
but isn’t it,
if i love me,
it’s bcoz i love You?

and that if
i love You
i love
all others too?
isn’t that
Your only command?
O’ Jesus
make our world
change to World of LOVE!



suffering comes to everyone…
gender colour social status age
don’t matter…
it’s the attitude:
mental emotional religion
that gets through it…
but if one is a defeatist,
so fall-istic,
one succumbed, perhaps die!

like fashion
two people
maybe using
same restrictions
like wearing masks
one carries it in style
some droop
like a stench-full bin!



your Lady.

as my tears
roll down my cleavage
it dries.

it spells
my love
for you
never never to die.

your song…
“You are so beautiful to me
can’t you see?
you’re everything i wish for!”
shall ink my thoughts.

and when
i meet you again
in heaven
your soul and mine
shall be in
sublime laughter!

i shall be
in crown of
emerald glitter
our eyes
would be
in blends of
brilliant shine.

there our Father
would lead us
to His throne
would seat us
beside Him…
whole chorus
of angels
sing our song!

while rainfall
of lapis lazuli
guide our walk
our hands our hands
never again
to part
as we traverse
to eternity!

__ade c.
sydney australia

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