A Storm Like no Other / Poem by Prof. Mohamed Rabie

Poem by Prof. Mohamed Rabie
A Storm Like no Other
I spent the nights of yesterday and the day before lonely in bed
Making passionate love to my ideas, as long-deprived lovers do
I woke up at the birds singing, celebrating the sunrise with joy
But the mind was confused; it couldn’t recognize the place from time
Or differentiate between tomorrow’s image and yesterday’s reality
And fear was running through my veins from toe to head
Suddenly I found myself standing at the window reading the landscape of fate
A forest inhabited by deer and foxes stretches as far as the eye could see
The sun’s rays crept into it, and the buds of spring looked like a full moon
And as most people were busy dreaming and chasing money
They lost their conscience and the dreams betrayed them
I searched for myself and found nothing but a piece of a tortured soul
The storm became a raging sea revolting against everything in sight
It nearly flooded the place and suffocated the light of the morning sun
But the spirit kept cheering the ideas as they grow, multiply and bloom
My mind slid through the fog as a stream of tears overwhelmed the eyes
My ears, meanwhile, were listening to sewers running under my feet
Fans chanting loudly, celebrating the death of the conscience
Huge masses lament a leader who died a hundred decades ago
Crowds waiting for a savior to rise from an unknown grave
And lead them to the Promised Land where life never ends
The world around me is floundering; it lost its mind and direction
One day volcanoes shake the earth and burn trees and bushes
One day a hurricane destroys beaches and kills innocent children
One day a tsunami sweeps the ports and leaves nothing behind
One day America initiates a global trade war for no reason
One day a vicious coronavirus imposes a curfew on the rich and poor
As America keeps moving steadily along the path of failed states
A promising life was transformed bit by bit into memories without a trace
Children grow old from poverty and ignorance, die prematurely
Elders live immortal lives through inspiring ideas and creative minds
A glorious era sinks in a sea of madness that cannot be trusted
And new ideas continue to multiply, grow, mature and flourish
As the spirit of freedom rises from the ashes to rebel against the age.

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