PEACE / Poem by Eden S. Trinidad

Poem by Eden S. Trinidad
Let’s make a huge difference not just simply different
in this world full of indifferences
we kept pushing for world peace
we kept shouting, “world behave!”
have you ever thought? What ifs?
What if we are all forgiving, understanding
If we are all peacemakers, gentle & loving
Impossible you will exclaim!
Then it’s impossible to reach the healing
we cannot expect others to begin the healing
It must start with ourselves, from within
If we are mistreated can we brush it off?
Shrug our shoulders instead of raising our fist
and curse the one who has wronged us?
Could we show empathy without raising an eyebrow?
To be caring when the world is uncaring
It’s not doable, the truth, it’s not comfortable
Can you do it?
Can we do it?
Are we ready to do it?
Peace can only be achieved when you have peace in your heart
It is not easy it is very difficult to start
to be kind when the world is unkind
to be good when the world seemed so bad
to be forgiving when the world is vindictive
to be loving when the world is hurtful
to be strong when the world is weak
Our pride, our selfishness won’t allow us
To go to that extent
We are selfish, self –righteous we think only about ourselves
we care not for those who suffer we do not care
We still ask, Am I my brothers’ keeper?
We are modern Cain.
If we expect changes in this world
Let us begin …
Let us unite to make this world a better place
Where we can wake up every day with a smile that reaches our eyes
Where we can sip our coffee joyfully not frowning, expecting a bad day
Where we can go to work energized, feeling safer,
The heart is overflowing with joy knowing it’s another brand new day to show kindness,
where we can create a cell of happy people to be a blessing
Then this world will soon feel it
This world will soon be filled with kindness
Then life will be more bearable to live.
ll Rights Reserved
July 15, 2018
Eden S. Trinidad
Director Galaxy Poetic “Atunis”
IFCH Director
International Vice-President
Jara Foundation Nepal

3 thoughts on “PEACE / Poem by Eden S. Trinidad

  1. Peace – Dream & reality
    Friday,17th April 2020

    Let us dream
    the peaceful world in our team
    or as an individual
    for all the people

    until you do it at your own heart
    you can’t feel it as part
    we are pioneer of an kind art
    that always belongs to as good humanitarian start

    peace had been our desire
    but some of us made satire
    disregarded the understanding
    and made mess by ending peace

    the liberty movement made us feel strong
    the freedom, in true sense, now really belonged
    to mass and people all over other regions
    bringing about the emergence of new nations

    peace has been made mockery
    bringing in the poverty and misery
    we have yet not lost the hope
    and working towards non-stop

    peace we shall achieve
    as we believe
    in principle of non-violence
    and work towards tension free observance

    let us join together
    sans fear
    that peaceful world belongs to us
    and we share the confidence and trust

    Hasmukh Mehta

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