Poems by Saraswati Poswal

Poems by Saraswati Poswal
Symphony with peace
Symphony with Peace.
Is the only perametres for life
Soaked in humility
And kindness
Throwing complaints
Is borrowing complaints
All time.
Let others express.
We can sit calm.
Feel every allure.
Not only the one that touch your heart.
Their expression is
Sacred containing
Never yearn
Feel the tangible
Never create the mysteries
Rapture the supreme pleasure.
Of humbleness with calmness.
To reach the pinnacles
Where you can latent
All the desires.
Spread the rainbow of smile
To fascinate all.
Deeply touching every heart.
With the soothing colors.
Accepting all pains, non resistance courage and endurance.
Which shows the true color of bliss.
To make you regain.
For stregthening of soul.
To imagine and allure
Spread the color of rainbow..
With your enduring smile.
For more granduer..
And deep and sound slumber
To awaken and leaving
The remarks of your heart beat..
Leaving beyond your exsistence..!!
@Saraswati Poswal

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