INNER PERSPECTIVES / Poem by Timothy Payton

Poem by Timothy Payton



Stepping stones, afterglow, leaving imprints,
Mental hints, heaven sent, smell the incense,
Mental feels, thoughts appear, ideas are insight,
Suns to light, moons to night, clouds and Stars in flight,

Pens leave vapors, words onto paper, tattooing into lines,
Stories are created, ecstatic and elated, standing the test of time,
Listen to the calling, echoes are becoming, sounds from a birth,
Points and destinations, words in relations,
Of a meaning and such worth,

A feeling from within, pleasure or of sin, runs through the veins,
Chains with reaction, choices are in caption, decisions will be made,
To live out a dream, to see what it brings, happiness or demise,
To see a true soul, fully and whole, look into their eyes.

Written by Timothy Payton

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