A Road Travelled: Poetry to delight. is a medley of Author Brenda Mohammed’s thoughts and impressions from her lightbulb moments as she says, rightly / By: Aneeta Chitale

A Road Travelled: Poetry to delight. is a medley of Author Brenda Mohammed’s thoughts and impressions from her lightbulb moments as she says, rightly.

The varied poems are picked from her amazing life’s journey, poets sensibilities, and historic moments of ‘World History: Corona Virus’s murky moments of life. There seems to be a feeling of doom and disaster as one reads about the millions of death due to this pandemic. She has written on sundry topics, of love’s woes and jilt, broken marriages and infidelity. But she has a strong faith that the act of kindness and humanity will be more profane and sacred, under these dark clouds, hovering over humanity.

Brenda’s poems are framed in a ‘Global Space’ as she has been a ‘Globe-Trotter’, more of wanderlust, and her light- bulb moments have always urged her to pen poems. Her persona in poems – has been to flashy destinations from London’s Eye, Buckingham Palace, Switzerland, Austria, Hollywood in the USA, or on beautiful Caribbean cruises. So there is a wild chase of emotions.

Her voice is crisp and clear, her tone is very discerning, keeping in the retrospective about her poetic arena. Her poems showcase varied styles from the heightened romance and passions- of Romeo and Juliet types: “ Strange Love, ” yet there is a rebuke and one-sided love, which questions and flatters, the ego of the lover.

In ‘Love Is Not A Theory’ she brings out the colours of life very emotionally and describes how shades of love change with the passage of time. The roller coaster ride of love and fame is forever changing. Brenda has fashioned this poem in a ‘Monologue ’ style. Love is contagious, universal, and innocent. She gives befitting examples and takes the reader along with her on her journey.

If it frets, the lover’s reaction will also be fretful, sulk, and sullen.

For her, love is enriching, a bond of trust, that doesn’t rust or change with, the seasons, nor is it skin deep. There are beautiful analogies made by her and she sure knows the secret of love!

There are voices that speak – love is so fragile, faint, and quiet and yet it gets under your skin! Sometimes her lovers are ‘Prudent’.

The chemistry of the love birds and their mental agony is so well expounded in her love poems. I must say, she is so realistic and yet emotive. Her lovers are the people who crave for attention. The twinning of the lovers – is like “ the summer to his winter lips ” and “ demeanour under his skin” in his wakeful state. Or must I say, I remember ‘Mid-Summer Night’s Tale! William Shakespeare’s Romantic Plays. Archaic but not deluded.

Brenda Mohammed

“Grass Is Not Greener” Is a perfect poesy where all is fair when cupid strikes at the lover’s bosom. But when it withers it fades, creates ego issues, and a rift is felt in your relationships. Apologies are hard to come and the bottled feelings lead to disaster and illness. Her lucid language helps to atone love and acts balmy on the ruse or fragmented moments. The prolific poetess certainly conveys to act fast and connotes to having dopamine, rather than resort to anger and guilt.

On the rebound, you may find a better lover, but it may not be any more different than the old lover.

“Dinner Time” – Here the lover is living in a make-belief glasshouse. The lady love waits for her lover, or husband to return. As she lays the dinner table for two, she soon realizes she is ‘solo’. The forlorn and feign feelings in the husband & wife relationship is weaved very diligently, I felt that I was able to understand the rift between the two.

Her lady in love is not deluded she just packs her bags and leaves the home for good. Brenda Mohammed as a poetess talks through her characters in poems and she confronts the problem. There is no cacophony of the ego and guilt in her women’s persona. Her women come out to be brave in the end, more mature and discerning. I really loved these poems on love. Isn’t ‘Love’ the ‘most misconstrued’ word?

The Cover Page is very catchy which makes one ponder at that ‘Bulb’ which ignites the fire.

The Cover was made by Mary L Schmidt a famous artist from Motivational Strips’.

By – Poet & Author

Aneeta Chitale – author of –Sojourn To Maldives

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