Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur

Poems by Jyotirmaya Thakur


Autumn Of Byegones

I have waved insults and gossips stale,
Let it be a bygone in my upward trail ,
I have thrown disparity with a twisted take ,
And rose higher to change my tale .

I have let bygones be a lesson to stay ,
A goodbye to the problem of the day,
A selfless pursuit to rise above the din ,
Needs to forgive and walk away.

A humiliating moment is enough ,
We should deal with it by being tough,
You have to let go that burdens your weight ,
Learn from Autumn that abandons wastes.

Like a hermit who lives a life of austerity ,
Nothing can allure his life of simplicity ,
Humans have to walk a path of positivity,
Learning from Nature the art of creativity .

Anything that pins you down to dearth,
Is worth discarding for your mirth .
Unwanted elements have to face destruction,
Healing will emerge with new construction.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright reserved.



Be human by mental freedom ,
It takes courage to be brave ,
To be tolerant and be patient ,
To no longer be anyone’s slave.

Faith in ourself and humanity ,
Lift our sight in hopeful serenity,
Muscle our power in adversity ,
Vitalize our living in prosperity .

Truth alone can make us true ,
Or we die before we are through ,
We must pray to exist with others ,
Must protect and strengthen others.

To pay the dues of human duty,
Find what lacks to fill our needs,
To lesson our errors by flexibility,
Educate ourselves by more to read.

It’s our destiny as man to survive ,
Good action keeps our lives alive ,
Born with virtues innately built,
We are part of the universal quilt .

Light of synergy shines from start,
The energy of grace is in our heart ,
The simple mission of divine art ,
Magic dwells in vessel of our heart.

@Jyotirmaya Thakur copyright. 23rd 2020.

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