Breathless and How / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Breathless and How
How can I pretend it’s not happening ?
This outrageous flaunting of inhumanity ?
This naked dance of skeletons
Strutting their stuff on tin roofs
This heinous crime carnival in uniformed garbs
How can I affect ignorance of colours
I’m not colour blind you know
Just race blind , community blind
I’m a woman watching civilised images
Of savagery camouflaged in khakhi green
Greened with olive smoothness
Perhaps the protests will open a few bleary eyes
Or simply rake up a fuss of holier than thou curses
Blasphemous shades of life lived on the edge
Breathless , breath choked, unable to breathe !
Copyright Lily Swarn 3.6.2020

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