Poems by Sabrina Young

Poems by Sabrina Young



I walk the twenty steps to the bathroom just as you did many times before , carefully tracing your steps feeling your warmth on the cold and lonely floor.
Sitting in the dark waiting for loneliness to catch my breath, I can feel you as I trace the kisses , placed lovingly on my neck . How do I live , there is no place left to go , been burned so many times til you came and danced with my soul . You had to lead , it was a tune I didn’t know ……trying to muster the courage to walk the twenty steps back , alone . I was clumsy and had no rhythm , still a little shy with shaky knees …

But you didn’t mind
If it took a
to soul dance
with me

Sabrina Young © 2019


Chance Me Yet
Another Day

Choices tick
Chances talk
Rest my faith
For another day
Breathe the fire
That burnt my world
Charred is my soul
Dancing in the breeze
Clouded skies
Torment my eyes
It is my blood that
Fed the crop
A voice triumphant
But never heard
Riding the waves that
Flood my face
Dried by the warmth
That penetrate these walls

Sabrina Young © 2020

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