Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke



His eyes flow with an inner flow,
One, that traces a canvas,
Dotting it with spiral twists ,
Of the landscape of his home,
His scream,
Loiters ambiguously,
Between the bully and the bullied,
Semantics of twin folly and ploy,
Asleep in the awakened terrain,
Of man’s turmoil and turncoat derision,
He pulls wool over the buried tenderness,
Hardening the pen for a holy onslaught,
To many he is a coward, lacking fire to shoot,
To others he is a sellout, ducking ire to loot,
When the poet weeps, stones bursts into flames,
Exposing the cracked teeth of the smiling crass,
He is the tempo and mood of the time,
The punctuation in the sentence of the lowly and mighty,
And the in-between of suffocating truths,
Twisted to fit an agenda,
When the poet weeps, ugly gets to scamper,
Beauty joins in the dirge of revival,
Where upon brittle bones of today,
Ancient Psalms still raise a song,
For life being a song true and eternal,
The weeping poets steps,
Lies uneasily in the dissenting themes,
Of rights, wrongs and all injuries accruing.
The poets stand is to be flogged by both sides,
The journey of Abraham and Isaac,
One giving knowingly and another giving unknowingly,
Till the taker gives an option.
Trying times are the schooling of the poet.
If he passes or fails, only time will tell.
Claude Mackay and the all before and after,
And ” beasts of England” travelling to Africa and America.
Poets have a strange legacy in “weepinry”



A new day,born of an old knocked,
Entered with a season to boot,
In the remote confines,
Where faith and hope wrings their hands,
Our WORLD has shifted,
To ignore this is to be blind of soul,
Our WORLD has flattened,
To dismiss this is be deaf to our collective graves,
Blessings and curses are words and acts of our hands,
Let’s knowingly shift base from this base,
If color made sense yesterday,
Color makes no sense today,
A new day, a new month, a new mind,
That lessons taught yesterday were faulty,
That the heart is a messy place to place bias,
For it teaches tomorrow to abide by falsehoods,
Let’s advertise what ages stated,
Not belongingness and entitlement,
Not bastardization of sections,
Not parting one into mite others,
Purpose to heal you by healing him,
The WORLD has shifted,
To deny this is to prolong the injuries,
That rises up to stare at ignorance,
Which we made a foundation,
And now violently cracks before our eyes,
Sending us howling absurditys and loss,
This new day, midyear and a season,
We must purpose to heal.



Standing at the highest spot, atop a mountain,
Life feels amazing and an awe to boot,
Holding our flesh at hand, marvelling at life,
What heights you scale, ground is the foundation,
Chariots and limousines know this,
Conconds in their time knew this,
That space craft roving in space knows this,
As graves of unknown soldiers know this,
Like the beauty of flowers do tell,
We are here today and gone tomorrow,
Leaving acts to tell our living,
Below the flower beds if luck is ours,
And a lonely unmarked spot if not,
Humility is not a preacher’s vanity,
Humility is Divine acknowledgement,
That ours is a Temporal time on earth,
Before we dust up our breath and bow to earth,
All the shenanigans of great aplomb and vain glories,
Are a full emptiness that is the curse of man.
Let’s go slow on the path of this one life,
Let’s greet life with gracefulness,
Let’s hold the weak in the week,
Life pays life in it’s fullness,
And forgets not the scars we visit on others,
That dust swirling in the horizon,
Is the breath of those who went ahead,
Your fate is their fate,
And only dusts maker is above it,
Not you, not me,
A sermon from the dusty planes,
Watching a morning melt into midday,
And the quiet of the evening playing ,
A final duet of what eternity is.
Be blessed for Blessing another,
If you curse, for sure it’s a seed you plant,
And in due course, it shall bear fruit.
Know you know even if you deny.
Know within you is great good tilted,
Never be afraid to be a man,
For man is to error,
And HEAVEN forgives all.

Nancy Ndeke
@ 2020

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