Maternity Rights Forsaken / Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray
Maternity Rights Forsaken
Its not at all new
For a poor woman like me
To live as per the caprices of fate unknown.
I adore all shades of poverty
As I have abdicated my individuality
Since the very auspicious day
When tied the nuptial knot.
One of its corollary is surrendering
the power of decision making
To which am not an exception.
Or else can I bear the entire load of the sky
When it will fall upon my head?
During this Corona pandemic
My sufferings hastened
To new heights.
With my siblings and spouse now
I am in home quarantine.
The home ain’t now a comely lee.
Do you know I groan in acute pain
As domestic violence and marital rape
Both churning my delicate entity ?
For a woman like me maternity rights
Are no more fundamental,
Indestructible and inalienable.
An ounce of success
That we have achieved
In implementing family planning
Measures have been derailed.
The entire state machinery,
Men and materials in toto
Have been syphoned
To checkmate the dreaded Corona.
Specific needs of ours
Rest in isolated chambers of negligence.
Now the supply chain for
Contraceptives broken.
It’s easy accessibility
Have been blocked for reasons uncertain.
My wings have been
Chopped off for causes obvious.
Like a shameless torso I am living.
I know always women
Remain at the receiving end.
Women like me will shoulder
The burden of unwanted pregnancies.
Population control will receive
Only lip service no doubt.
Let’s pray for Corona’s early out.
Dr Alok Kumar Ray

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