Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy

Poems by Ramesh Thumati Alagarsamy
Celebrate World Environmental Day Now!
Air pollution has filled the environment with full of
Dusty particles making it difficult to breathe free air
And created allergic illnesses to the extent of wearing
Face mask to avoid infection from invisible bacteria..!
Water pollution has contaminated lakes and canals everywhere
Making it impossible for drinking and all other purposes
And has already brought in water borne diseases and ever
Cold problem difficult to overcome it all round the year!
Fortunately or unfortunately, Corona pandemic, due to want
Of proper medicine or vaccine, has made governments to
Opt for lockdown, curfew, sealing of borders, hand wash
And social distancing to be followed to stop spread of it!
But Corona lockdown has stopped pollution causing agents
and purified lakes and cnals making it convenient to use
River water for irrigation in agricultural fields making
It suitable to celebrate World Environmental Day now…!
One side, Summer hot climate tortures all in the day;
Another side, Corona viral disease is still spreading;
Like blessing in disguise, cyclonic storm with rains
In some places, along with havocs changing climate fine!
Hell and heaven are placed side by side on the Earth;
For all the blunders of man, Nature is doing its best
To change the situation for the better that all have to
Welcome as a fresh chance to maintain better scene well!
As one good turn deserves another, all have to welcome
The good chance Nature provides despite our bad acts on
This Earthly paradise with gratitude with experience we
All have gained till now and do best service for humanity!
Benevolent character of Nature has not vanished once and
For all sure the symptoms show that let us all maintain!
Nothing Is Permanent In This Precarious World!
Nothing is permanent in this precarious world of
No permanent existence for anyone forever and ever!
There is no guarantee too even for saying exact
Expiry date for anyone whoever one is in the world!
When this is so, what is the use of striving for
Power or Award or supremacy or luxury or anything?
No one can have position permanent and live for
Ever dominating all or carry all laurels with one!
Whether individual or nation, wars or domination
Over others cannot make one great or all worship
As God, for, for all, when end comes, no one can
Retain power or carry wealth along with one sure!
When this world itself is not permanent here sure,
There is no point in boasting about one’s valour!
Are Wars And Violences Necessary?
World is in a precarious condition due to pollution
Leading to water, food and new viral disease needing
Ever preservation, protection and safety of world..!
Natural disasters by cyclonic storms, heaviest rains
Whether it is hottest summer time or coldest winter
Time world is witnessing destructions unimaginable!
Not only storms and rains but also longest droughts
No water for drinking, washing and irrigation of
Agricultural lands make people look for green pastures!
Ever frozen ice lands of North and South of world also
Losing its steadfastness to the extent of increasing
The sea and ocean water levels all over the Earth..!
In this precarious condition of the world, all crazy
Nations must think over if wars and violences necessary!

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