Manoj Krishnan (India)

Manoj Krishnan (India)

Manoj Krishnan is a software engineer by profession. He is the founder of the Asian Literary Society, a community of thousands of readers, writers, and poets from all over the world. He is the author of Historical fiction, “Kanishka,” and four anthologies of poems. He has also compiled and edited seven international anthologies of poems.
Manoj Krishnan’s poems and short stories have been selected and published in national and international anthologies. He has won international novel writing championship Nanowrimo 2017, 2018, and The Indian Awaz™ ‘Author of the Year’ 2017-18 Award. He runs a blog, “The Crimson book.” Apart from writing, he is a voracious reader and reviewer. He is also interested in long-distance running, philately, painting, and paper cut art.
Heaven Lake
The immaculate creativity of nature, spreading radiance,
I dream to walk amid the tranquility of azure heaven lake.
Perhaps winter breezes have something to share with me,
But I’m lost in its resplendence, please don’t distract me.
I yearn lake would pour down, the elixir of eternity on me,
Believe me or not! its enchanting aura is replenishing me.
Blue Heaven lake resides at the mighty mountain’s crater,
Yes! In the lap of Paektu, there is a holy chalice of nectar.
When the sun rays fall on the blue water, its waves ripple,
And when the chilly wind passes over it, they shyly gurgle.
What a blissful gift Almighty has bestowed upon this land!
In the world marred by pollution, its serenity is still intact.
Cocooned in the gigantic rocks, preventing it from evil eyes,
All those are blessed who get a glimpse of its glorious sight.
When tired travelers step into the realm of the blissful lake,
Midas touch of its clear water enraptures the souls in pain.
Its pristine view reminds how artistically nature crafted it,
I doubt if anywhere else in this world such a marvel exists.
Sapient mind pulls me out of sempiternal maze of queries,
But I know it’s the same placid lake where live, blue fairies.
Road to Hyesan
Every day she watches him cycling on the road to Hyesan.
Does she only crave for his glimpse or he also notices her?
I’ve no idea; perhaps her desperate heart must be knowing,
Beneath this sleet, embers of passion would be smoldering.
Her face has turned pink in the cold breeze; her eyes are wet,
Poor heart urges the eyes, but they are reluctant to shed pain.
The souls immersed in love, crave to celebrate the emotions,
But, every journey does not finish at the desired destination.
Like this road to Hyesan, many have trodden the path of love,
But, all dreams don’t turn into the reality in this illusive world.
Still, travelers cherish its unforgettable journey and splendor,
Be past, present or the future; its irresistible charm is forever.
When he crosses the road, sweet memories replenish her mind,
And she resolves to come again as his glimpse brings her smile.
Who knows, the charming boy would also be thinking about her,
As there is another short route, but he has not chosen that ever.
The mind is subtle; it plays with the delicate strings of emotions;
And, feelings need a spark that turns them into a conflagration.
Perhaps, one day he would stop to feel the warmth of her love,
Maybe he’ll propose her to accompany on the road to Hyesan.
A tinge of love and hue of desire
The deluge of passion with simmering fire
The aroma of red holding my breath
Delusory tranquility of this crimson myth
Your amorous blush is enough to kill
All I yearn, these moments to stay still
My love is an unfathomed sea, difficult to wade
In mist of love, color me red
When I see you coming through this lane
Your every glimpse make in insane
And when you descend into my eyes
Stupid heart flutter and flies
Your arrival is a soothing warm breeze
and departure makes me freeze
Caressing my sobbing heart on this lonely bed
In the mist of love, color me red
Rustling leaves and whispering flowers
Staring dismayed, this robbed empire
My solitary treasure, now you are carrying
The heart so broken, emotions still daring
Love just happens, never it waits
That ordeal is the destiny of bed
Beyond your sorcerous spell, better to be dead
In the mist of love color me red
Embrace this restless soul and smear on my face
Color of eternity that would never fade
On this day of Holi, my soul mate
Let us clinch together our ebbing fate
If I can’t escort you as wife
May alleviant death would heal this pain of life
Still, these unwearying eyes, dream to wed
In the mist of love color me red

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