Underground garden / Poem by Miladis Hernández Acosta

Poem by Miladis Hernández Acosta
Underground garden
And after plucking the golden apple /
What happened that makes us mortal happened /
But later the fire was distributed
To start a new life /
The ignored birth to which Jesus alluded
In his conversation with Nicodemus /
But before that conversation Plato
In his garden he said to his disciples:
Begin in the most blessed mystery and be pure …
Then the Evangelist being meticulous
He mused in front of the Romans:
Receive the Holy Spirit which is sapling
Or relic to understand
The Providence of the being whose limp portion
Pagans receive it /
After other circumstances
I have seen on the beam of the waters
Spurs that drag the consumed bodies /
With them also the Spirit of God
Floating on those waters /
On other circumstances I have seen dead bodies /
Between wires / booties / fuzzy skylights /
Misery of the waters of the Island of Lesbos /
Whose shadows from a trivial-Newscast-
They match the descent of Christ / to hell /
Of those same waters / purifying /
From the book: The Gold of the Empire.
Miladis Hernández Acosta
Guantánamo. Cuba.

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