Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Let’s conquer over fear
Peace is our strong weapon dear
Let’s be real ,be one mind to heal
Life is what we feel

Rather than name and fame
Let’s accept the truth
To walk hand in hand
Peace is truth ,truth is grand

Let’s have strong feathers to fly
Fly high in the infinite sky
Here’s Sun and the moon
Humanity is precious as boon

Let’s burn ourselves for ecstasy desire
Dance on the rhythm of love , peace
As flame of eternity in the Spiritual fire
Let’s be like a tree ,flow as the wind free.



Here’s conflicts, there’s conflicts
Let’s taste holy water
To enjoy eternity
Here’s peace , harmony ,
valuable inner beauty
To shine face as the sun beam
To spread awareness ,
fulfill our dream
No war ,no terrorism
Eternorama is for love and integrity
Together we can solve
problems of environment ,water scarcity
Respect human values
to remove darkness, increase spirituality
learn the art of living
Keep faith in Almighty
for unity in diversity
Mystic soul appeal a weaponless society.



Her scattered hair smile
as red rose
As real as mine
sweet and full of prime
Her eyes live in a dream
Her loviness ;increasing day by day
Her face shine as the sun
She bathe in the stream
As my Mystic soul in the eternity
Let me not speak any language
Heart knows only the language of love
I saw tiger but had no fear
Ears listen the music of her anklet
Both souls sail in the river of love
She’s my beautiful dove.


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