Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Aziza Dahdouh
Aziza Dahdouh a poetess at home and a former teacher from East of Algeria Algeria. She likes writing in English language and Arabic. Her writes were published in many international magazines and anthologies .
A poet said
When earth becomes a battlefield
When men struggle for no reason
I simply surrender
I declare…
World I’m not a great warrior
Nor the last Samurai to lead the battle
I am a pacifist
I am an artist
I am a poet
I am a dreamer
When you end your wars
You both :loser and winner
You are invited to Join me
I live there in the lost field
Before you step the threshold of my garden
Give up to your arms
And bring a flower of your choice
French people say
Une hirondelle ne fait pas le Printemps
And i say
Just one swallow made of my soul
A season of spring
And inspired me to walk barefooted
On the stretching beach of my thoughts
I think life is
Just an hour on earth
A short daily dream
A blink of an eye
Inhaling without exhaling
Exhaling will happen
Somewhere in another life

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