The Silent Shore / Poem by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Poem by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha
The Silent Shore
Amid infinite procession of life,
Someone, sometimes
croons to my heart:
The soothing accents feel like
the whispers of a gentle breeze
blowing through
rain-drenched leaves,
kissing the tiny droplets dry.
They linger like perfume
with a unique sillage!
Captivated and curious,
I hack my way through
the forest of memories,
and get surrounded by
different frames anf figures:
I feel lost in a sea of faces–
Familiar! unfamiliar!
Oh, I wish to swim out!
Suddenly, l catch a glimpse of
a familiar yet unfamiliar face,
intense and striking:
The aberrant feet of time
seem to stop amid
thunders of emotions–
The rise and fall,
the uprush and backwash,
the flutter and heartache!
In silence, I hear a subdued sound
like murmurs of a wave
lapping at the sea shore.
I feel the soft percussion
of lapis-blue water!
Spellbound I perceive the waves
continually touching my heart
under a twilight sky:
A frazzled firmament with
echoes of the voice of evening,
the big ball dipping below the horizon!
Time takes flight;
the hopes and tears,
the agonies and ecstasies
caused by the gentle touch
become tattoos of love and regrets
on my heavy heart!

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