THE BOY / Poem by Tony Delgadillo

Poem by Tony Delgadillo



On a wonderful place whose sky has rainbows,
between gardens & flowers painting meadows,
in a cabin whose light shines thru its windows,
lives a boy with a heart that fades all shadows.

Always happy, great sign of truthful sunrise,
his heart temple of love, a shining paradise,
his eyes candles of joy so bright, & likewise,
his words choirs of angels… music so wise!

Once he thought of himself being ordinary,
just as birds and trees, but on the contrary,
he discovered being life, without boundary;
precious stream of the heart extraordinary!

To the world, he is nobody, unknown face.
With his tenderness hugging human race.
From the higher realms a righteous grace
came down pouring all magic on its place.

From within, a light cosmos he goes painting,
world with rainbows of souls communicating,
and just like clouds of verses keep on raining,
a grown up boy writes love, wonders creating!

©J.A.V.D. 2020
Texas, U. S. A.

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