Treasure / Poem of Narsing Bongu Rao

Poem of Narsing Bongu Rao
When the best of ideas come,
store them well.
They come out of the blue,
but fly out like a bird with wings.
The newer one’s flash in front,
eclipsing the older.
Lost in the pile,
with so much that has fallen over it;
files in total disorder,
buried, as they never seem to surface;
surely a wonderful chance,
that seems lost forever.
Routine work,
makes us forget
of the wonderful ideas.
But little do we realize,
your ideas never go anywhere,
they are always there for you.
They never fail…
adding to your intellect;
filling the life with experience
paying the dividends at the right time,
the game is yours
and you shall be the final winner.

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