Poems by Rahim Karim

Poems by Rahim Karim



Nature is not complete without black and white,
No wonder the milk is white, the currant is black.
Nature is not acceptable without black and white,
No wonder the cotton is white, the earth is black.

The world seems wretched without black and white:
No wonder a white rose is a black rose.
The world seems ugly without black and white,
Take a look around: horses, sheep, zebras – black and white.

Even swans are black and white.
And their negation is equal to the Creator’s negation.
After all, the dove is white, the crow is black.
There is a polar bear, there is a dark bear.

Even vegetables and fruits are black and white,
There is a white mulberry, there is a black mulberry.
At the same time they are equally sweet,
Although the snow is white, the oil is black.

Cats are black and white, dogs are black and white,
The black-and-white keys compose music together.
Coffee is black, sugar is white,
And salt is white, oil is black.

Birch is black and white, clouds are black and white
The soul is white, the soul is black,
Even our eyes are black and white.
Bread is white, bread is black.

Let them live side by side in black and white,
Let the white day change with the black night…
Long live the world of black and white light!
Long live the UNITY of opposites!

14.06.2020 г.

© Copyright: Рахим Карим, 2020
Свидетельство о публикации №120061401130



Mouths, only yesterday, covered with masks,
Slowly opening.
They start gossiping as well as they did before the pandemic,
On the contrary, they become more aggressive than they were before the quarantine.

I’m a simpleton who mistakenly thought they’d come to their senses,
Under masks in the age of coronavirus.
It turns out that torn mouths can never be sewn up,
They will make unfair conclusions until they are completely filled with earth?

To be honest, they are only made for kissing,
For eating and singing songs.
It is a pity that they perform the functions of machine guns and cannons,
Unfair bullets ready to shoot!

God save us from selfish mouths,
They only talk about their own well-being.
Who eat, eat at your expense, and spit in your face,
Like camels, in gratitude.

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