Poems by Kichime Philibus Elisha

Poems by Kichime Philibus Elisha



Are you in the clouds
Moving in her turmoil
Yet, watching out for us?

Or are you the wind
Blowing and twirling
To give us life
To work and walk around?

Are you the sun
Or the moon and stars
Burning to luminescence
To manifest your presence?

Or in the roaring seas
And the rivulets as they rumble
And grumble
In their babble?

Or in the wrath
That is the tremor embedded under the earth?
Or in the effusions that erupt
To wind a whirlwind
Of this tempestuous typhoons?

This,in your mien streak
To remind us of your presence?

What manner of man
Is your image in man?

I wonder
And I still wonder
What form in your image
Is man?

Roll out your seraphic scrolls
Against man’s machinations
For your magnanimous mien.

Your ways are not like man’s;
Were man like you
The seas would cease to a still
And babble no existence;

The moon and stars
Would cease to shine
As earthen earth is baked
In clotted blood.



And She too;
Neither of
Can I look into the pores of
Their eyes
Without this sweet shiver.

And entwined in their clusters
Have I fathom
The depth of this sizzling potion.

They tear the fabrics of my heart
To a threadbare pulp
With the shrapnel of their pricking lure.

Have I seen anything
Like this before?
This siamesed indecision
Of a heart’s scintillating dilemma?

A victim I have become
Of their enthralled clump?
Clutched in the talons
Of their homely crib?



As smooth as I am
Hard as I am
Both sides of

Like a chameleon in
Like me and I am
Peachy and

May be!
May be not!
My streak;like



As beautiful as it may appear
To be
With tender petals and colours
To woo..

As scenty as it may ooze
To invoke
With fragrant fluff and feign
To appeal-

There lies the prize of concealment !

As euphoric as it may promise
To give
With the opium and guile
To lift;

And as entangling as it may encyst
To cocoon
With traited tendrils and treat
To entreat-

There lies the prize of concealment !

Lo and behold
Lest you be lured and wallowed
And swallowed in the shallows of her talons!

For there lies the price of a rose’s sepals..
They prick with piercing spikes!

Kichime Philibus Elisha

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