Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

Poems by Membis Okorie Chukwukamma



Concious climbing of the pyramid
And slowly getting to the peak
Has never been smooth for the skin
Like moonlight romance
But a thorny crown comes with a golden throne

At the top, the sun is as friendly as the breeze
And the moon way much colder and closer
Yet in search for my soul’s eternal peace
I’m giving it all out as I’m growing older
Cross got buried
Wearing an Ankh and speaking to the gods
Feels like speaking to ones shadow (self)

I have always known I am divine
Like the number seven
I have stood undivided
Stronger still like a lion in the jungle.
Tonight is a full moon
And they stars barely show up high
We are hear to watch ourselves

Shower of blood and water in rebirth
Tasty like salty ice and frozen grape
How does it feel to feel?
All those are far beneath my feet
And buried in my yesterdays
What else than being enlightened?
What’s illuminati?
Who is an illuminatus?
What does it mean to be illuminated?

They scream it’s for quest of power and fame
Be awakened, let those chains break
What’s your true self like?
I am more than a magic
Where lies the power?

Gurld was never made of dust
But clusters of galaxies into oneness
All wonders, talents and aesthetic
Blood and water full of emotions
Just be anything I want to be

Raising vibrations
Affecting frequency
What’s illuminati?
Who is an illuminatus?
What does it mean to be illuminated?

Never seem a market where souls are traded
But have seen a million where they are imprisoned
Be set free
Find your way back to yourself.
The God knowledge of truth and evil
Who plays the Devil?

Atop the mountain far beyond the sky
Beneath the oceans and deeper still
To every edge of creation and will
That is you, waiting for you to blink into life.



Tonight is one of those nights
When I think of you and loose my mind
When it seems the world is coming to an end
Because you are not here to climb on me
To pull me deep into your thighs
Grabbing my body like I am about to escape

Your fingers touches my soul from far away
And tonight I can see your arousing light
I don’t want to scream but I want you now
All of you laying right on my bed
So we can explore every spot on our body
And discover new emotions deep in us

We have been friends and someone more
I know because you call my name when you moan
And the way you wiggle your ass
Tells me you can ride in most amazing bounce
Come on, no pretends, I know you want me too
But it’s too cold tonight and you are not here yet

You know you and I make up a brighter solar
Sometimes I am so fast to call you my lover
But you are, you are my greatest temptation
And your seduction is my soul’s redemption

I think of you when my body is on fire
You alone can water the flames with your squirt
You are the one who makes me so naughty
So come lead me through your walls tonight

Bring that body right here, let us dine each other
Bad Moves and soft romance iced with kisses
Bring that body right here, let us dine each other
You love my creamy candy and I love your juice
Bad Moves from a bald poet going erotic
This act is spiritual and not satanic

You are deep into my silly self
And I am into your crazy stunts
So let us spoil ourselves and perish together
Hug me with your breasts let us do this forever
So if our body would ever be engraved
Let it be after it has been fully explored.



I have been hurting for so long
That pain now mixes with the air I breathe
I have been broken too deep
That my pieces now look like dust

It is now okay how loud I scream
And not be heard
Years gonebye like farewell to the sun
Yet, I’m still locked in my sad head

I hope for a shinny day
When I will walk out of the trapdoor
That will lead me out of your jail
For your memory feels like hell

You watch me walking gently into my grave
You murdered me with your infectious love
Like leaves on a dead tree
I am managing to dance to the breeze

I bet you ask “why is he not dead yet?
Is he still waiting to make a mark
Before ascending from his sinking dark?
Seems he is not strong enough to take a step
To either let go or go late to sleep”

Yes, I am waiting patiently for home call
Letting everyone know how much I cared
How much I loved you before mixed feelings
Feelings of love and hate in rare balance

I would love to see how the rain form the clouds
Where the gentle stars hide by the day
But I am waiting for the day I will get there
Believing my salvation is not too far.

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