Poems by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay

Poems by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay
If I Give My Heart to You
If I give my heart to you, not as a curiosity,
My all love emotions for you, this with your affinity.
You always live with me, whole world aware,
Either you live very far, but every time near.
Although I am away, you are always in my dream,
My affection is always with you, attached to all love streams.
Whenever I try to write a letter, I get full tears,
All know about it, how it’s crystal clear.
You too have sent me some letters, which was plain paper,
I understand O my dear! How your heart is very dear.
Once we met only, but I couldn’t get you to forget,
A very long time spent, still, I am here for you to wait.
O, my dear! Come soon, now please embrace me,
Waiting for you with high intensity, now kiss me.
We will meet through the whole body, keep the warmth of the body,
Waiting for you with sincerity, I want to show our love to everybody.
I will see my picture in your eyes, how lovely you keep me,
What a separation burns you feeling, what is unknown to me.
We will sing, dance altogether, will enjoy wandering near the ocean river,
I for you, you are waiting, soon to be very near.
Let’s join hands together to say a lovely prayer for world cooperation, love, peace, and affection to serve humanity with kindness.
We, the off springs of Almighty,
No any difference in physical, social, cultural, intellectual activities,
All our organ systems function alike,
Ability to know and learn can follow all norms of society,
Why then differences are among us dear friends?
Our ego, selfishness ruins our smooth flow of life,
Dear all, one commander rules on us,
Let’s give up dividing factors such as caste, creed, color, race, and territory.
These discriminations are a great threat to world peace and security,
Hence, let’s all be together to enjoy world peace.
Make the earth heaven.
As all outward differences are only due to geographical regions.
Come, come dear friends,
We see all souls as one.
God in all,
Almighty all in all.
Life seems multiple colored,
But all are well honorable in the world.
Almighty created colored creations,
Scriptures made various interpretations.
People need only light,
What is the color of pure white?
But when it intrudes into prism-like nature,
VIBGYOR form liking air scatters.
People enjoying the rainbow concept,
In my mind only a perfect pair.
Black-white is the only base pair color
You may take paint over it, oh my dear!
Anger, love, sympathy, pity all action,
Happiness, enjoyment even sad expressions.
Life phases of all emotional stages,
People take media to show colored feelings phases.
Blue and yellow mix, green color you may get,
Violet-indigo, red- Orange a pair of both sides bodyguard set.
Tears colorless like God common in sorrow and sympathy,
What a great family color made, O My Almighty!
We must follow to be like Facebook,
What a very beautiful not only outer but with a lovely inner look.
No discrimination of any caste, creed, community, language, color,
Making merry in Christmas, Muharram, Diwali festival altogether.
Almighty provided everyone the same body parts for action,
All human beings are common in respiration, reproduction, excretion.
Human beings have the same role as all are doing lovely,
All enjoying, laughing, uttering, loudly, or melodiously.
Due to geographical region impact,
Changes dialect and color,
But all enjoying the same sense of taste and odor.
What a difference in man is, that is of only a face model,
Almighty in all residing, very dear as a whole.
Sense of pride man-made blind, as if he over Almighty,
That filled full ego emotion, to show super, became mighty.
But a man can regenerate love, sympathy among all beings,
Very good sacrifice sentiments, so he is super in all living.
All have different cultures outer, no difference any inner,
Same emotion, sympathy, love, if we go deeper.
Have pity, sympathy adoption more and more, extend love in all,
We are looking diverse only, but we always unite all in all.
Copyright @Nkupadhyay
June 2020

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